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With a business card cdrom you can hand a potential customer one business card sized cd with extensive information about your products, services and business. Compare this to pieces of paper. which are normally stored away and rarely read again. Wouldn't you far prefer to hand them one cdrom business card, which holds all the relevant information in the form of an exciting multimedia presentation?

The benefits of the interactive media, coupled with the immediate delivery of high quality audio and video presentations, means that CD-ROM remains a powerful marketing tool. A cdrom business card is more likely to get you noticed and obviously more effective than an average business card. If you are a salesperson this is your dream tool, hand your customer or prospective client your cd rom business card and you and your product will be remembered.

Increase your response rate and decrease your advertising costs. The cd business card costs less than you would pay for a brochure.

We create CD-ROM's keeping in mind the following objectives:

  • New product launch
  • Corporate presentations
  • Product catalogue for International and Domestic Market
  • Product Manuals
  • Customized multimedia presentations
  • Generate Quality sales enquiries
  • Drive website traffic

Your entire sales presentation or web site can be carried in a shirt pocket or purse just like a business card! Prospective clients will appreciate being able to view your presentation on their office or home computer at their own leisure. Save money on print advertising with a CD catalog, presentation, photo album, portfolio or brochure.

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